Monday, 21 May 2012

At last!

WOW!  Can't believe I've been so long in putting the next post on this blog!  Life has been HECTIC -
Came back to France in Feb after a wonderful holiday in Barbados.  Put house in UK up for sale the day before we left and got a call saying it was sold whilst en route!!  Was back in France for one week and had to go back to England to find another house for the children.  Flew back three days later and had three weeks when we were told our buyer wanted to complete within the week!!  Flew back to England, packed up - two van loads - one for France - one for UK - and moved in 3 days!! I truly didn't know if I was ICI or LA!! Am just beginning to get my feet on the ground.  Hope to rejoin Tag Tuesday next week.  Have opened an etsy shop (MiniTresors) - only one item so far - vintage French postage stamps - great for use in mixed media/altered art projects.  Hope to add more items very soon.  Phew - need another rest!  A bientot.  


  1. My goodness, did you even stop for breath there?!
    Well hopefully that's the 'hectic' bit fini for you and you can breathe easy :)
    New follower here. I look forward to seeing more of your tags etc :D

    1. Thanks = hope to add interesting things to my blog from now on :) See you soon.