Sunday, 7 July 2013

The English are MAD!

I finally made Sophie, my French neighbour, certain beyond any doubt that the English are mad yesterday when I explained that our coq is called Eric after Eric Cantona - she said, "You give your poultry NAMES??????!!!!"

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Catching Up

Oh my - I must blog more often!  We've had an awful spring here in France - cold and rainy - I think everyone everywhere has been suffering.  However it now feels like summer with a temp of 26 degrees today and I have been swimming in our pool nearly every day for over a week.  I don't mind too much if the water is a bit chilly - I find it rather refreshing. 

Still really enjoying Tag Tuesday and am very happy to have been asked to set the themes to follow on from our alphabet challenge.  Lots of new people joining - some great talent - check it out www.tagtuesday.BlogSpot

Thought I would share some more photos of my work so here goes:
A bientot
Carolyn xx