Wednesday, 18 January 2012


This is my white tag made for Tag Tuesday this week.  I really love this theme - the others have made such pretty tags.  Mine is made from strips of white fabric, lace and ribbons sewn onto a plain card tag and embellished with pearls, bugle beads and paper flowers edged in diamond stickles.  Am off to Barbados for ten days on Saturday - can't wait to soak up some sun!  Holiday is a present for us from some very kind friends who have a villa there - thanks Eddie and Sue!  When we come back we will be in the UK for a couple of weeks and then return to our house in France.  Longing to get back there!  Once settled in again I intend to get this new blog up and running on a regular basis.  Look forward to seeing you there! xx

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  1. Hi there, I see you have made another fabulous tag this week, beautiful work so soft and delicate, I love it !