Sunday, 27 March 2016

Joyeuses Paques


I know, I know - worst blogger in the world - nearly a year without a post!

Since I was last here we have had a new member of the family!  Meet Molly, our Golden retriever puppy:

She joins Flynn and Louis (flat coat retrievers) , Kofi and Bertie (the cats) and eight hens plus Eric, the cockerel!  Needless to say we love her to bits and she has already become a character!

I sincerely hope to post more often this year and share our experiences of living in S.W. France and some of my crafty stuff.  

Yesterday we walked down the track to the lake with the dogs to find our French neighbours at the bottom armed with the picnic of all picnics!  They were having a fishing fest (carp) and had all the food you could imagine plus red and white wine (their own vintage) plus a hefty bottle of Ricard!  We joined them in a glass of red and then carried on with our walk in the lovely sunshine.  Sometimes it takes the small things to make you appreciate the bigger things in life.  

I will be back soon!

Carolyn xx

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